The Menopause Room@Home
DIY Kit 
Supporting Women During Menopause.
Our DIY Menopause Room@Home Kit provides everything you could possibly need to host your own fun and (factual based) informative event with friends, family or work colleagues
It’s a time to learn, support, understand, connect and bond, in a relatable way for everyone!
The Menopause Room has been going strong for 8 years and if you follow our social media platforms you will know just what a popular topic menopause is! We hear your cries for help, understanding, miracles! and reassurance that you are not going mad!
 We interact with 1000’s of you daily and we are continually asked to host events, roadshows, talks, demonstrations, coffee mornings…. which we love doing but can’t be everywhere at once.

So, we had a little light bulb moment and thought we would bring ‘The Menopause Room’ to you, so you can join our ever-growing interactive community from wherever you are!

 We’ve gathered all the good vibes from The Menopause Room, included lots of factual, evidence based information, and formatted it all in way that is fun, memorable and relatable  There are quizzes, games, feel good and creative activities – in fact, everything you need to gather a few friends together for a much needed bonding session.
Or why not bring menopause awareness to family and work colleagues, who probably need it just as much.
Everyone will have a great time and it’s much more fun than reading a book! 
You will develop a deeper understanding of each other’s concerns and realise you are not alone in how you’re feeling.  You will be a strong support system for each other on those bad menopausal days. You will learn together and have fun together, without judgement or any criticism. Sometimes this can be the best type of therapy!
Many women feel like outsiders in their own home. They are changing and the family has no idea what is happening to this woman they once knew.
Due to lack of knowledge and misunderstandings, this can often lead to a lot of friction and unpleasant rows. Wouldn’t you love your family to understands what you are trying to deal with, so they can be more helpful and supportive?
Learn about menopause together and have some fun along the way with this family friendly DIY Kit.
Bringing awareness to menopause in the workplace definitely needs improving.
Some larger companies are now offering better menopausal care to their employees, however, there is still a long way to go and much to be done.

Maybe you would like to enlighten a few people at your place of work about the ins and outs and ups and downs of menopause?
This DIY kit will help improve understanding and negative attitudes towards menopause (without uninterested colleagues having to sit through uncomfortable lectures, lengthy slide shows or read reams of notes!)
This is a much better way to get them onside and interested in menopause!
(Why not ask your employer to purchase this kit and arrange a menopause gathering at a designated time for everyone!)
V I S I O N  M I S S I O N 
Our vision is to get more menopausal women connected, and more people understanding what the menopause transition involves.
Together we are building a strong menopause community.
 This is One very special and completely affordable Do-It-Yourself Menopause Get-Together Kit.
…A few more reasons why you should host a menopause get-together?
Why host a menopause get-together?
  1. You’d love to feel connected to yourself again, free of menopause stress, anxiety, guilt and self-criticism. To step out into your day feeling confident, reassured and inspired.You wish you could help those menopausal friends of yours who really need to connect too, who have lost themselves to menopause and don’t value the amazing person they are, or things they do every day.
  2. You love connecting with people online, but there’s nothing quite like real life bonding over menopause to reinstate the sanity and the feel-good factor.
  3. You would love to understand more about menopause and share the information with family, friends and work colleagues in an easy digestible manner.
  4. As a menopausal woman, making this time for yourself is vital. It’s time to relinquish some of those long-standing responsibilities that people just expect you to do (because you always have!) and start putting yourself first.

You are the heart of your family, and as one of their most crucial support systems, your family need you to be understood, rested, happy and strong.
 Imagine a few hours of me-time with your menopausal friends, learning, supporting and empowering each other. 
Acknowledging the strength and will power needed to get through the bad days and sharing ways to  survive the worst days. 
Then re-emerging back to your family unit, feeling understood, enlightened and inspired.
Imagine your family not misjudging your moods and offering more support around the home, now they understand how some days can be quite debilitating, both mentally and physically.
Imagine not having to justify yourself at work when you need the fan on, can’t remember passwords, or you’re just having a bad menopause day.

Make it happen and do your small part in making menopause matter to everyone.
So what’s in your Menopause Room@Home DIY Kit?
Step by Step instructions for hosting your own Menopause Room Get-Together including:
- Our very best tips for running a successful get-together
- Handy checklists
- A simple schedule to keep you on track
- Great questions to ask each other
- Evidence based facts & tips
- Tools for getting inspired - and staying inspired
3 additional easy to follow activities:
- How to Stretch and De-Stress: with easy to follow images and directions.
- How to Make our secret beauty formula.
- How to learn about menopause in a memorable way.

The Meno Zone Game - You can really get to know your fellow menopause comrades in this bonus game. See what you really know about each other!
It’s fun and informative and a great bonding experience.
The Menopause Room@Home Invitation Template: to inspire your friends to join you!
Inspirational Slips: To keep to positive energy flowing
Lucky Dip Slips: An enlightening menopause game!
Symptom checklist – This is going to amaze you!
Creative activities.Take time out to relax and de-stress.
Secret Formula
We are passing on one of our trusted menopause beauty formulas
You and your guests will love it!
Just add the people...
With your very own DIY Kit in hand, all you have to do is decide if you are organising it for friends, family or work colleagues.
Add your living room, office or even village hall! something delicious to eat and off you go!
In just a short time you can make a huge change, not only to your life, but to your friends’, family and work colleagues lives too. 

Or buy it for another menopausal woman in your life?
The DIY Menopause Room@Home Kit makes a great and unique gift, either for other women you care about, or as a big hint to someone!
You could simply send them the kit as a gift or host the day for them yourself as a very special treat.
 Maybe even a surprise?
 Written, developed and designed by award winning Menopause expert and founder of The Menopause Room’ Jane Atherton.
The Menopause Room@Home DIY Kit is a gorgeous e-book brimming with fun learning tips, relaxation techniques, games, crafts, printables and easy to follow instructions.

The kit guides you through a structured, but fun-packed get-together, that includes insightful psychological and physical activities.
interesting information, tips and vital inspiration  to support you through your menopause transition.
The theme of this Kit is all about bringing menopause information to you in a way that is easily digestible and relatable, in an informal setting.
It is also an invaluable source of reference to help those around you, who need an approachable way to understand menopause and support you more.
 Ultimately leaving you feeling understood, valued, connected and more confident.
I want You To
- Make vital time to discover and learn more about menopause, look after YOU, and get excited about your life again.
- Use this kit as the best excuse ever, to make time to get together with menopausal friends you want to see more often, but never seem to get around to it!
- Get to the crux of the issue with family and work colleagues in a non-confrontational way, so you are better supported, and they feel like they are doing something to help. Communication is key!
- Believe in yourself – Menopause can have a way of wearing you down and knocking your confidence. Gaining a better understanding of menopause and discussing similarities with other women, will help reignite your confidence and inner strength.
- Reawaken yourself and your ability to live life to the fullest.

- Host a Menopause Room@Home get-together that will liberate, rejuvenate and inspire you and your friends/family/work colleagues - with an easy-to-follow guide, packed with printable goodies, fabulous Menopause Room-tested ideas and surprise treats.

And you can do it again, and again...It's so much easier than you think. You can set it up in moments and host the whole get-together without breaking into a hot flush! (well, actually we can’t promise that!)
The Menopause Room@Home get-togethers are great in so many ways. But don’t just take our word for it. These are the first reviews coming in.
We are looking forward to adding yours!
The Menopause Room@Home event gave me the opportunity to be me! Being in a group of women who share the challenging role of being menopausal felt safe, and that encouraged me to think and talk more openly about the ups and downs of my life. The event also gave me the rare chance to be creative and to get in touch with myself again, to remember how good it felt to put myself first(Mandy)
As a working menopausal woman, I rarely let myself stop and take time out for me. I’m either working or exhausted most of the time. It was wonderful to give myself that little gift of space. I loved connecting with other supportive menopausal women, instead of spending the evening in my own little bubble. I left feeling inspired and rejuvenated.  (Jackie’)
The @Home event I went to was a perfect balance of fun, relaxation and learning. I never knew so many symptoms were connected to menopause. It was very reassuring to know other women were feeling the same and it led to some very valuable insights. I loved doing the creative stuff, that I would never normally fit into my day. Came away feeling joyful and normal! (Petra)’
The @Home event was immediately a very honest space to expose my vulnerabilities and lack of understanding about menopause that I’d been harbouring on my own. Exposed in the group, I could forgive myself as I realised, we were all feeling the same things. Creating this space is genius and essential maintenance for all menopausal women. The event was empowering and a giggle all at once.  (Victoria)
Use it again and again!
The Menopause Room@Home kit can be used again and again. You could host a get-together with a different group of friends, family or work colleagues several times a year (I doubt anyone will remember all of the interesting facts and tips in one session) and you can also swap around the activities.
You will also be able to buy extra Lucky Dip slips with new facts to absorb! And of course, the creativity activities and bonding time is something we should all be doing more of.
There’s always a value in reconnecting and taking that precious time together. Being in each other’s company is food for the soul and should be practiced regularly.
You might even choose to make the de-stress exercises a regular practice in your life. You can go back and enjoy that reenergising stretch and relaxation on your own as many times as you like.

When you buy your kit, we’ll even send you some encouraging emails to remind you how to make it happen. Because you can do this!
You truly deserve it.
Your happiness matters!
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There are Many Million Women Around the Globe in some stage of menopause.
Most feel frustrated with  A lack of proper medical advice.
 but more importantly no one to share their worries  And concerns  With...
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