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Supporting Women During Menopause.
Who we Are
 The Private Menopause Room is the fastest growing  menopause group on Facebook.

As you know our incredibly popular Facebook Page offers professional advice from Doctor's clinical nutritionists,cosmetic HRT specialists and menopause lifestyle coaches.
Along with fashion, diet, exercise, health and beauty tips, to help you on your Menopause Journey.


You now also have the opportunity to join our very popular 'Secret' Menopause group. This group offers the highest level of privacy available, making it a perfect place to discuss your more sensitive menopause issues! 

The Private Menopause Room is totally off the grid and you won't find it on any search engines. The only people who will ever see your posts or comments in there are other members of the group.

 In order to keep security high and spammers, trolls and men out (sorry guys, this one's not for you), joining this group is by invite only. 
Members and Growing
There are over 13 Million Women in The UK alone in some stage of menopause.
Most feel frustrated with  A lack of proper medical advice.
 but more importantly no one to share their worries  And concerns  With...
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Get your complimentary copy of our Menopause Maintenance Manual when you sign-up to join our Secret Group "The Private Menopause Room" on Facebook
This incredible manual is packed full of useful information and tips, that you are going to want to read to help you on your Menopause journey.
At last you will understand quite simply:
* What Menopause is
* Why it happens
* How to fix the symptoms
* And will it ever end...

Remember joining this "Secret" group is by invitation only.
So click the  Join Now  button and we will send you  full instructions on how to get access by email as well as how to download your FREE Ebook.
We look forward to seeing you in there.
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