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Who we Are
The Menopause Room is the fastest growing community on Facebook.

Our incredibly popular Facebook Page offers professional advice from Doctor's clinical nutritionists,cosmetic HRT specialists and menopause lifestyle coaches.
Along with fashion diet exercise health and beauty tips, , to help you on your Menopause Journey.


Every woman will experience her menopause in her way.
We may have similar symptoms and be able to relate to one another, but the physical and psychological effect it has on us can be very different.  

I think many of us agree, we had no idea this journey would be so long or so 'all encompassing' 

We are not here to judge you, or to tell you what is right or wrong,
Together we can look out for each other and help one another through this.

Come and join us and connect with other menopausal women ,share the experience with one another, laugh a little, cry a little rant a little, we're here to listen.
You will feel much better for it - promise!.
Why  Join our Community
If you are just beginning your menopause journey or have been on the road for years coping  with hot flushes, weight gain, mood swings, lack of sleep or any of the long list of symptoms. Then this community will offer the reassurance ,sympathy empathy, vital education and advice many of you are missing in your day to day lives.

Learn from our experts and take away invaluable advice from one another as you face the challenges that menopause can bring.
Look forward to seeing you in The Menopause Room today
Jane Atherton
Menopause Lifestyle Coach and Cosmetic HRT Specialist
Members and Growing
There are over 13 Million Women in The UK alone in some stage of menopause.
Most feel frustrated with  A lack of proper medical advice.
 but more importantly no one to share their worries  And concerns  With...
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At last you will understand quite simply:
* What Menopause is
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* And will it ever end...

Thank goodness I hear you cry!!
Hurry and join us today you won't be disappointed.
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