The Menopause Room – By Jane Atherton

Welcome to The Menopause Room


Jane Atherton is a member of the British Menopause Society and has worked as Clinical Nutritionist and Menopause Lifestyle Coach for many years. As well as running this blog, Jane is also  the author of ‘The Menopause Secret’ and The Complete 7 Day Menopause Meal Plan For Life’.


The Menopause Room Facebook page

This is the most popular menopause community in the UK,  which is further supported by a ‘Secret’ menopause group, where your concerns can be discussed in total privacy if necessary. Joining this group is by invite only. Please see the advert on the home page for joining details.


The Menopause Room Blog
As well as Jane’s own expert advice, she is also joined on the blog by several professionals, including medical doctors, health, beauty and fashion experts, fitness instructors and yoga & meditation gurus.Who will all be bringing you the latest information and advice on menopause, from their particular area of expertise.


Cosmetic HRT  Skin Care
With Jane’s earlier training in skin therapy and further studies in endocrinology she has also developed an exclusive skin care collection for the cosmetic house Phytomone-London, The products are based on Cosmetic HRT technology to specifically address hormonal skin ageing.
Further information can be found at


The Menopause Room is an incredible community and support group for millions of menopausal women. Thank you for being with us and sharing your experiences. Together we can be strong!