Mindfulness & Yoga In The Menopause Room With Our Expert Lisa Milnor – Episode 2

Mindfulness & Yoga In The Menopause Room With Our Expert Lisa Milnor – Episode 2

Sunday Night is De-stress night with our Mindfulness & Yoga Expert Lisa Milnor –
Join us each week for expert help and advice

Take yourself off somewhere quiet, where you won’t be disturbed and watch Lisa’s intro video followed by her hypnotic audio recording…

“This week we have a breathing awareness practice for you that can be practiced at anytime and anywhere. The benefits of doing this as a regular practice include helping us to feel more at ease and relaxed and at the same time it can help relieve mental fog symptoms and we can feel more attentive and awake. Connecting to the breath also helps us get out of the rut of unhelpful thinking which can cause a lot of stress and anxiety and even depression. As we turn our attention to the breath we become more present rather than getting caught up in worrying thoughts about what might happen or ruminating over stuff that’s already happened. As we become more familiar with tuning into the breath we can then use it as an anchor and to feel more grounded at any time during the day when we feel challenged by say hot flushes, anxiety, difficulty sleeping, feeling overwhelmed, dealing with pain or difficulties. Give it a go and let us know how you get on.”

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