Spring is in the air so lets get in the Mood for Menopause!

Spring is in the air so lets get in the Mood for Menopause!
Once we’ve got our head around the fact menopause is with us for a long long time,
We need to begin to change our attitude towards it.
Is it menopause that is making you miserable or your attitude and reaction to it?
While we’re not denying the transition through menopause can be a turbulent one, some women also experience personal growth and a new found sense of freedom.
So how do YOU reach that place in your mind?
Your attitude towards your menopause journey has a tremendous impact on how you experience it.  Studies have shown that negative beliefs in the early stages of menopause can predict a more difficult time with the transition.
Recently, studies have found that turning negative attitudes and thoughts towards positive ones can actually help reduce symptoms and of course, it can greatly improve your quality of life and piece of mind.
There are many ways that the thought process can be impacted. It is not the
Negativity which may affect health as much as the actual absence of positivity, including your thoughts and attitudes towards any type of situation. So, what we’re saying is, it’s ok to have these negative thoughts, just don’t allow them to be all consuming. You need to make a conscious effort to cultivate positive thoughts to maintain the equilibrium.
One way to do this is to keep an appreciation journal. Writing down three things you are grateful for on a daily basis can help you feel more positive in general.
Laughter can help you move into a more positive mindset. It can help you to cope better with stress and can be a great help to you in menopause.
Social support is also an important key in helping to you cope with the stress that menopause and other midlife changes can bring.  Don’t isolate yourself and don’t forget, if you’re finding it difficult to relate to family and friends, we have a great support group in The Menopause Room.
Devote time to making yourself a priority for even fifteen minutes a day, as this can help make a dramatic change in how you feel about yourself.  Take time to relax, praise and pamper yourself every day. Remind yourself you are dealing with an incredible change going on inside your body, your hormones are out of whack, you’re dealing with oestrogen withdrawal and you’re adjusting to it the best you can. So go ahead and give yourself the praise you deserve. This helps encourage feelings of self worth and helps promote muscle relaxation, creativity, and concentration. It also can quite the mind, and body.  A positive result of this can be improved self confidence, fewer hot flushes, night sweats, and insomnia.
Being mindful is also a great way to encourage positive thinking. Being mindful means that you are aware and present in each moment of your life, instead of worrying about the future or dwelling on the past.



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