Is Your Face Oil Made From Petrol?

Is Your Face Oil Made From Petrol?
Face and body oils are back in fashion, but be careful…
We now see row upon row of these golden elixirs, glistening on the shelves, tempting us with their promises of re-found youth and reigniting our desire for all things natural and organic.
 But take a closer look before you give into your desires and dreams of rediscovering your eternal youth in that bottle of shimmering hope.
What do the contents really hold?
Is it really going to take you on a journey to beauty heaven, where dry skin, wrinkles and age spots will all melt away?
Or will you be left feeling despondent and disappointed by the empty promises that were so appealing on the packaging?
 Well, that all depends on the ingredients!


 The power of nature is the key
Natural botanical oils are rich in native vitamins, minerals, omegas, anti-oxidants and phytoestrogens, offering some of the very best skin care properties available.
These oils will seduce each and every one of your skin cells, causing them to react with sheer bliss and delight at the unequivocal surge of nourishment your skin is being treated to.
Cleansing Oils, Face Oils and Body Oils can deeply cleanse, nourish and brighten almost any skin type and there is no denying, at least one type of beauty oil should definitely appear in your skin care line-up.
As long as it’s the right one!


 Don’t get duped
The cost of beauty oils varies dramatically and there is a very good reason for this. It is down to the quality and complexity of the ingredients used in the product. Even natural oils have superiority rankings. Sunflower oil for example, cannot command the same price as rose oil!
Beauty oils will only EVER be of any benefit to the skin if the ingredients are sourced from plants, which are abundant in nourishing and replenishing qualities.
Choosing and blending  theses precious oils is also a skill, which turns an ordinary beauty oil, into an extra-ordinary one.
They do not compare on any level to mass produced beauty oils, which can contain synthetic oils, artificial fillers, fragrances and harmful parabens.
In fact, these type of inferior oils may even cause your skin to react in an adverse way, causing dryness to become more apparent and the possibility of irritation or break-outs.
Look out for oils such as grape seed, wheat germ, soya, jojoba, almond, argan etc. along with the more precious oils such as orchid, camellia, vanilla, tuberose, pink pepper and papaya, which are all beneficial for nourishing, brightening and conditioning the skin.
 What you don’t want to see on the ingredients list is Mineral Oil or synthetic fragrance oils. These types of oils offer absolutely no nutritional value to the skin what so ever.


Mineral Oil is by far, the most overused, deceitful oil in the beauty industry


Mineral oil is a by-product of petroleum, it is cheap and makes a good filler. If you see it anywhere near the top of an ingredient list, put the product back on the shelve, as it will be made up mainly of this ingredient and you skin will not benefit from it in any way.
The same goes for fragrance oils, these are man-made, so do not confuse them with essential oils, which are extracted from different parts of plants. Essential oils have numerous beneficial properties, fragrance oils don’t!
Do not be lulled into a false sense of security by thinking the more expensive ones will be better. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.  So always check the ingredient list.


Take the time to find the best beauty oils, to reap the rewards in the future
It is well worth investing in beauty oils, especially for mature skin, which becomes thinner, drier and more sensitive as the hormone oestrogen begins to decline. Without this vital hormone the body struggles to produce enough collagen, causing skin to lose density and firmness and signs of ageing becoming more apparent.
By choosing quality oils, rich in native plant hormones, vitamins and minerals your skin is now deficient in, you have the opportunity to replenish your complexion with a powerful shot of natural nutrients.

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What you won’t find in these products is mineral oil, parabens, fillers or any artificial fragrance.
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