Retinol vs Cosmetic HRT for skin care in Menopause

Retinol vs Cosmetic HRT for skin care in Menopause
Retinol vs Cosmetic HRT – What you need to know!
Retinol is definitely a buzz word in the beauty industry, but if you’re a women over 35 you must read this!
Retinol is a vitamin A derivative, which can now be found in numerous over the counter anti ageing creams.
It was originally only available on prescription for severe acne. However, Once the Cosmetic industry discovered women were reporting it also helped reduce lines and wrinkles, they wanted in on the action. Now retinol is available in hundreds of  anti ageing products.
But due to the severe irritation and side effects retinol causes, you will only ever see it in products at very low percentages.

Even this is enough to cause damage to your skin, which it may no longer be able to recover from!

When you’re younger, your robust skin can tolerate and recover from the abuse of such a harsh ingredient. However, as you begin to lose the hormone oestrogen from your mid thirties, your skin takes on a new dimension. It will now react differently to many products, retinol being one of them!

Use with extreme caution if you are over 35!
Permanent damage to you skin can be caused by retinol if you’re over 35!

Once you reach your mid thirties, your skin begins to go through a dramatic change and will continue to do so in the coming years.

You are now beginning to lose oestrogen, the hormone which has been the keeper of your good skin. Without oestrogen the body struggles to make collagen, your skin loses density and become drier and more sensitive.

One of the main reactions to retinol is severe redness, dryness, irritation, sensitivity and peeling. Even women with the most hardy of skin will now experience excess sensitivity to retinol.

And while beauty editors and bloggers continue to rave about the proven benefits of this ingredient, they are totally over looking the harm it can do to women over 35!

With many of them believing, you have to cause damage and harm to your skin in order to reap the benefits! – No you don’t!

Even more concerning is the fact that the harsh effects of retinol could now cause permanent damage to your skin, including broken capillaries and possible scaring.

Your skin is already in a state of transition, you certainly don’t need to put it under any further stress or trauma, with potentially damaging ingredients.


Bio-Identical Hormones used in Phytomone Cosmetic HRT ™️
The most important ingredient all women over 35 need in their moisturiser is Phytomone Cosmetic HRT, which targets skin ageing at the root cause; loss of oestrogen.

Clinically proven to reduce lines and wrinkles, by working in harmony with the skins own natural collagen synthesis and boosting levels of this protein as required.
You will not putting your skin under any undue stress or causing it to react in any unpleasant way to get results. The Cosmetic HRT gently binds to facial oestrogen receptors, so your skin believes this hormone is still present, and encourages further production of collagen.
This powerful ingredient also has the added benefit of:
* Encouraging skin cell turn over, so the skin surface is kept bright and fresh.
* Reduces pigmentation marks, so skin tone looks even.
* Keeps skin well hydrated, by helping to bind in moisture.

Safety comes first – Phytomone plant based cosmetic HRT has been developed from a compound found in the soya bean, which has a molecular structure similar to natural body oestrogen. It has been encapsulated in an intelligent delivery system to allow the active ingredients to penetrate the deeper dermal layers of the skin where oestrogen receptors lie and it can work most effectively.
Please Note: The Cosmetic HRT is 100% safe to use. It does NOT enter the blood stream, or have any effect on hormone levels within the body.Phytomone Cosmetic HRT has all (and more) benefits of Retinol, but without any of the unpleasant and uncomfortable side effects.

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