Accelerated skin ageing during menopause

Accelerated skin ageing during menopause

Yes, You Can Blame it on Menopause

Most women are totally unprepared for menopause and the unexpected effects it can have on their life.

One of the most noticeable changes is the effect it has on skin health and ageing.
Skin is the largest organ in the body and visible for the world to see. When people look at you, the first thing they notice is either how well you look, or ‘not’ as the case may be!

Skin health deteriorates rapidly during menopause due to the dramatic loss of oestrogen. Without this vital hormone the body struggles to make sufficient collagen, the protein which gives the skin firmness and density. Without collagen skin sags, lines and wrinkles become more noticeable and you will lose that radiant healthy glow, which can make you look old and tired to the watching world!


Menopausal skin? –  Time To Upgrade Your Products

 Skin care products will help to moisturise your skin and maybe have a limited effect on collagen production.
But once a woman is in the menopause transition, these products will no longer be able to give the promised results, due to the limitations of specialised ingredients in the formulation.

In order to target the problem at the root cause, which is loss of oestrogen, you now need to upgrade your products to achieve maximum result.

Phytomone-London are the only cosmetic house with ground breaking technology to dramatically correct oestrogen loss, in combination with luxury skin care products and their powerful plant based Cosmetic HRT™️.


What is Phytomone Cosmetic HRT™️?

Phytomone Cosmetic HRT™️ is derived from plant hormones which are almost identical to natural body oestrogen.

It is a topical application in the form of a nourishing and protective face cream, which does not enter the blood stream or alter hormone levels within the body.

It is 100% safe and natural with proven clinical results.



How does it work?

Due to a specialised delivery system, Phytomone Cosmetic HRT™️ has the ability to penetrate the deeper dermal layers of the skin, bind to facial oestrogen receptors and mimic the effect this hormone has on the skin.

It dramatically increases collagen production and moisture levels. Skin becomes firmer, lines are less noticeable, deeper wrinkles look softer and your complexion takes on a radiant, healthy glow, ensuring it looks the best it possible can.

Only by using high performance ingredients which your skin is deficient in, can Phytomone effectively offer the best possible results, both short term and long term.


Pause Hydra Creme Formulated with Cosmetic HRT™️

  • Developed specifically for hormonal skin ageing during menopause.
  • Targets skin ageing at the root cause; loss of oestrogen.
  • Powerful collagen booster to redensify and firm skin
  • Quadra-care formula – serum, eye cream, moisturiser & neck cream all in one!
  • Plant based hormones – 100% safe
  • Proven clinical results

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