10 Ways to Start Believing in Yourself Again!

10 Ways to Start Believing in Yourself Again!

Believing in yourself is another way of saying having confidence, but I think it is a much more explicit way to say it. It explains what is required.

What is confidence?
Confidence is often liked with self-esteem and self-worth. It is self-assurance. It is believing that you have much to offer and that you are valuable. Confidence in yourself also means trusting yourself to be able to handle any situation that comes your way

Unbelievably, no matter how much you known, or how much experience you have, menopause can unexpectedly suck it all right out of you.

Here are your 10 Top Tips to get back on track and remind yourself just how important and valued you are:

  1. Volunteer
    There is nothing that will make you feel better about yourself than helping others and making another person’s day better. Feeling useful, wanted and needed builds confidence and self-worth. You will learn new things about yourself, things that you are good at and things that make you feel confident. Acts of kindness boost your mood by boosting serotonin production. It’s a win-win activity.
  2. Make a List
    Make a list of all the things you have already overcome and accomplished in your life. Then you can start adding new things as you accomplish them. Seeing this list in black and white is very empowering.
  3. Surround Yourself With People That Support You
    If you have highly critical people in your life, their words do affect your perception of yourself. Unless or until you can embrace the following, it is in your best interest to eliminate them from your life if you can, or minimise your contact with them
    Know their words are just their opinions
    Know opinions are not facts
    Learn not to take things personally
    Find people with similar values and interests, who will support and enhance your progress. When you surround yourself with people like this, their confidence in you and your knowledge that they are there for you will motivate and give you confidence.
  4. If You Don’t Already Have It, Gain Self-Acceptance
    In order to believe in yourself, you must first accept yourself. How can you believe in something you can’t fully accept? If you don’t have self-acceptance, then that means that you are rejecting parts of yourself, possibly hating parts of yourself. It will be impossible to believe when rejection and hatred are present.
  5. Change Your Focus
    Stop focusing on what is missing or wrong in your life. Instead, focus on being grateful for all the things that you do have and all the parts of your life that are working!
    Every time you hear yourself thinking something negative, replace it with a though of something you’re grateful for and smile.
  6. Take On Challenges
    Create opportunities to prove to yourself that you are more that you currently believe you are. Who you currently believe you are was probably defined by other people. Again, it’s just their opinions.
    You can start small, take a class, or go to a workshop that teaches something you consider a weakness.
    Want something bigger? Learn something completely new. Take a holiday alone. Start a foundation or even your own business. Do something that scares you. And NO, you’re not too old!
  7. Keep Learning And Growing
    The more we know and understand the better able we are to handle situations. This includes learning about yourself, gaining self-awareness>
    It means lots of reading, taking classes, and going to seminars and workshops. Therapy and journal writing are also invaluable tools for self-exploration. Explore! Investigate this new person you have become since transiting through menopause.
    Investigate how you work, how humans in general work and how the world works. This will gain you knowledge, and as you use this knowledge in situations, you will gain experiences which gives you even more wisdom, and this will increase your belief in yourself.
  8. Set Goals
    Set small, achievable, short-term goals to prove to yourself that you can accomplish what you set your mind and effort to.
  9. Live Up To Your Own Experiences, Not Anyone Else’s
    Many times, lack of confidence comes from the fact that we are chasing other people’s goals for us, not our own. It is not your job to satisfy other people’s expectations of you. It is your job to live up to your own expectations for yourself, to pursue your own dreams and to use your own talents, skills and gifts to serve the world.
  10. Stop Comparing Yourself To Other People
    Your appearance, accomplishments, earnings, success and whatever else, are your own. You have all the tools you need to fulfill your goals, not anyone else’s.

I wish you all the very best in your efforts to believe in yourself. You are just as valuable as anyone else on this planet.
Some days it may be difficult, but with willpower and determination you can succeed and it is a very worthy endeavour.


When you believe in yourself, anything is possible!

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