When was the last time you swapped skincare products?

When was the last time you swapped skincare products?

Throughout each chapter in our lives, our skin has different requirements and the best treatment comes with adjusting our approach to suit our needs.
As we age and skin matures, you will experience more problems. The outer layer thins, and as we lose oestrogen during menopause, elasticity is reduced as the collagen that keeps things plump starts to break down.

It’s also much harder to keep hydrated because glands produce less oil without the influence of this vital hormone. But looking fabulous and ageing wonderfully can still be achieved.

You just need to adapt your skin care routine to support your key concerns. Which will be sagging, dryness and more noticeable lines and wrinkles.


Healthy Skin Starts Within.
The body starts to produce less of the things that keep skin healthy, so giving those elements a boost through diet and supplements can keep things ticking along.

For most women, you will now need to look at collagen, calcium and phytoestrogens. A diet rich in fish, dark green vegetables and citrus fruits can help create stronger cells and boost collagen.

Complement these healthy foods with a good multi vitamin, extra vitamin C or a natural all-in-one menopause supplement, which will contain all the natural vitamins, minerals and herbs your body may now be deficient in, helping you glow from the inside and keep menopause symptoms at bay.


Scrub Up
There’s no more important a time for cleansing and exfoliating than later in life. Removing build-up of dead skin cells and dirt is the best way limit dry and itchy skin.

But please don’t use soap or hot water! Both will strip your skin of oils, instead natural products will help boost moisture.

Be gentle with exfoliation, do it weekly and with a wet cloth. I also recommend being selective with ingredients – Try Skin Exhaustion Cleansing Oil from the Phytomone collection, which has been developed specifically for hormonal skin ageing and comes complete with Bamboo exfoliating cloth.


Upgrade Your Moisturiser
You will begin to notice that your reliable, trustworthy moisturiser is no longer up to the job of keeping your skin feeling hydrated and comfortable throughout the day, or doing anything to prevent the onset of further lines and wrinkles.

That radiant glow, seems to have dimmed somewhat and your complexion just looks dull and tired.

The take a way message from this is, you need to upgrade your moisturiser. Look at using Pause Hydra Crème, which has been formulated with Phytomone Cosmetic HRT to address the withdrawal symptoms of oestrogen that your skin is now experiencing.

Collagen and moisture levels are dramatically increased with this safe and natural plant based hormone derivative, helping to bring your skin back to beautiful condition.


Introduce an oil
While a good daily moisturiser is necessary, both during and post-menopause, I recommend women start integrating oils into their skin care strategy more and more.

As well as deeply nourishing skin, the fatty acids in oil are brilliant for helping to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

There are lots of beauty oils out there, but unfortunately not all equal.

Be fussy about what you choose and make sure you stay away from mineral oils. Mineral oil is nothing more than a by-product of petroleum, it has no nutritional value and will do absolutely nothing for your skin.

Phytomone have a wonderful collection of decadent face and body oil to support hormonal skin ageing. They are 100% natural, no nasty parabens, fillers, artificial fragrances or mineral oil. They have been exquisitely blended with over 18 nourishing plant oils, rich in phytoestrogens, minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants, just what your skin is crying out for.

Find out more about the Phytomone Skin Care Collection for hormonal skin ageing at phytomone.com




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