Improve your skin with meditation

Improve your skin with meditation
Yes, you  can you meditate your way to better skin

The skin is our largest organ. It is the first barrier against disease. It protects the internal organs. It acts as a waste disposal system. It’s also one of the first things that people notice about us – it’s a clear indicator of our physical and emotional health!

Skin cells are continually renewing themselves. As cells mature, they are pushed outward by younger cells. Once they reach the surface, they are subject to weather, wearing and all sorts of damage.

The problem we face is twofold – one, the body needs time in order to generate new skin cells; and two, the health of the new cells must be good. If the health of the emerging cells is compromised by stress, poor nutrition, hormonal imbalances and environmental factors, the quality of the skin deteriorates resulting in a complexion which looks dull, tired, dry and dehydrated, with lines and wrinkles looking more apparent.

Stress reduction is critical, not only for our overall health as hormones begin to fluctuate and decline as we age, but also for successfully treating skin ailments and promoting healthy skin cell growth and regeneration.

Meditation improves the quality of your skin by addressing it from inside out. As you enter a deep meditative state, the body automatically switches to a healing, regenerating operating mode.

Reduction of stress further enhances the body’s capacity to self-heal and function optimally. The mental control that meditation teaches, also helps because much of the stress and negativity that resides in our physical body is emotional – we hold certain beliefs about ourselves, and those beliefs have a distinct energetic signature that affects your body. So if you have negative thoughts about your appearance, your self-worth, and loss of confidence, that will be reflected in your health.

Stress affects every organ, in fact every cell, in the body. Both physical and emotional stresses take their toll. So nourish your skin with good food and a good skin care regime, complimented by deep relaxation of a daily meditation practice.

Your skin will always reflect on the outside what you think about yourself on the inside; so as you work on the inside, through self-awareness, mindfulness and personal growth, your skin will improve as well!




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