Menopause Herb Spotlight – Shatavari

Menopause Herb Spotlight – Shatavari
Shatavari is a natural hormone balancing herb extract also known asparagus racemosus and is a species of asparagus.
The rich phytoestrogen effect of shatavari can have many beneficial advantages to women on their menopause journey.
Hot flushes & night sweats
The Hallmark of menopause, which is not surprising, when 85% of women suffer from them. Shatavari can  help to relax the central nervous system, where the hypothalamus is.The hypothalamus is the temperature regulating center of the body. As a direct result, this herb will help ease hot flushes and night sweats.
Shatavari also has cooling properties, so when the body’s temperature rises, it can help combat the heat.
Anxiety, depression & mood swings.
All very common during menopause. Sometimes, it can catch you unawares and be totally overwhelming. Using Shatavari regularly, can help you manage your emotions better. This herb stimulates and balances the production of our happy hormones. Endorphin, serotonin and dopamine are all essential to keep us calm, relaxed and happy.
Many women feel exhausted, sluggish or de-motivated for no apparent reason during menopause – apart from the menopause fairy messing with you and your hormones! Stress and fatigue tend to go hand in hand and can be a result of many factors. It might be because of declining hormones, unhealthy lifestyle or the many woes menopause itself brings. Shatavari has anti-stress properties that can help you regain your balance. It keeps your hormones in check and calms the mind and body. Try to keep stress in check by slowing things down a little, take things one at a time and be sure to make time each day for yourself.
Memory lapses.
Ah yes, those brain fog moments, where our memory eludes us and we cant seem to remember where we put our keys, glasses, the neighbours name or even our own telephone number! Snap out of those ‘spacey moments ’with the help of Shatavari!
The herb improves blood circulation, properly nourishes brain cells and slows down neuro-degeneration. ll, Shatavari is also a good antioxidant, which rids your body of harmful toxins. Its anti-stress property also relaxes the mind. Remember, a calm mind is a productive mind!
Sleeping problems.
Disturbances in sleep during menopause is a direct result of declining hormones which regulates our sleep-wake pattern, especially when progesterone and oestrogen are out of sync.
Stress is another factor that causes sleep deprivation. When stressed, our body releases a hormone called cortisol. This hormone gives us a boost of energy to stay alert. However, persistent elevation in cortisol can make us restless and affect our natural Circadian rhythm. As a result, we are wide-awake at night!
Shatavari stimulates oestrogenic activity and regulates cortisol in the adrenal glands. As a result, the body achieves hormone balance. When the body is more relaxed, you can have a good night’s sleep and feel energised the next day.
Slow metabolism.
Decreased metabolism is often associated with menopause and one if the reason why we we tend to put on those extra pounds during this phase in our lives. But you can ward off excess weight by taking Shatavari. The herb stimulates the thyroid glands to produce its hormones. Our thyroid hormones boosts metabolism, preventing weight gain. Aside from this, they also promote better digestion and rids the body of harmful toxins.
Vaginal dryness.
This is a common condition during menopause which can affect our libido. When the vagina is dry, it’s hard to enjoy sex, because it can be painful. Most often, women avoid having intercourse because of this.(and many of the other reasons above!)
Since Shatavari is oily by nature, it can help moisten your vaginal area. Aside from providing lubrication, this herb has antibacterial properties which serves as protection.
Shatavari products come in many different forms. They are available in powder, tablets and as liquid extracts.
Tablets are probably the most convenient.
Though the powder form offers better and faster digestion. If using the powder, try mixing into yoghurts or smoothies, or sprinkling on different food dishes. If taking the tablets, follow the instructions on jar.
The optimum dosage is 500-1000 mg per day
Shatavari Side Effects
So far, there are no adverse reactions or side effects with Shatavari use. But it is best to avoid if you are allergic to asparagus.
Shatavari also has a diuretic effect. Because of this, proper caution is advised, especially if you are taking diuretics for specific medical treatment. Taking diuretics can lower blood pressure which can cause dizziness and fainting. Due to this, you are more prone to injuries and accidents. First of all, talk to your doctor if you plan on adding the herb into your daily supplements.



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