Tell us your story…

Tell us your story…

We all benefit from sharing each others stories and experiences of menopause. Sometimes just knowing you’re not alone can be the best medicine.

Unfortunately many women sufferer, due to a lack of knowledge in this area. GP’s are not sufficiently trained and lack the experience in dealing with menopause issues. It is easy for a woman to feel closed off and alone during this time.

The menopause transition is the longest cycle of a woman’s life and brings about dramatic changes. If more time was spent explaining this, it would save many of us the worry we feel, or being given the wrong diagnosis for something that may be linked to our hormone imbalances.
Unfortunately, The medical profession doesn’t have the time or resources and still has a long way to go in helping us.
But we can certainly help one another. Women supporting women is a powerful thing to be able to do and this is a great place to talk about it.
So, use this platform and share your menopause story with us and connect with the millions if women experiencing similar worries, concerns and symptoms.
Think of it as writing an entry in your diary or journal, tell us your personal story, share how you feel and how menopause has changed you. Your experiences really are interesting and invaluable advice to so many other women.



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