Weekly Fashion Tips

Weekly Fashion Tips

Weekly Fashion Tips…
A very inspiring post this week from our fashion guru Jacynth Bassett at The Bias Cut

Hello ladies,

Today I want to talk about frumpy dressing. Lots of ladies say to me they are fed up with brands and retailers offering ‘frumpy’ clothing, but what does that really mean? To some frumpy is just a term they use when they don’t like a garment. But to me, frumpy clothes are really pieces that imply you’ve just given up on yourself, and would rather hide than shine.

It’s tough when there’s still so much telling us that we have to look a certain way and be a certain age in order to look good. But as I’ve said before, if you feel good about yourself, and confident, then that’s the ultimate key. Because your true beauty will come through.

So next time you start to gravitate towards clothing that says ‘don’t look at me’, try to give yourself some self love and remember you are just as worthy of looking stunning as everyone else.

And remember – it takes the same amount of time to put on a frumpy garment, as it does a beautiful one. So you might as well go for the latter!

See you next week! Jacynth x
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