A large glass of HRT please!

A large glass of HRT please!

Foods rich in phyto-oestrogens, natural plant oestrogens, help women maintain hormonal balance as their body’s levels begin to fluctuate and decline during menopause.
Some of the highest levels of phyto-oestrogens and Omega 3 fatty acids (also essential for regulating hormones), are found in flaxseeds.
Apart from grinding the flaxseeds and using in smoothies, sprinkling on food dishes, or adding to food as you cook. Try making this simple natural HRT water to sip on throughout the day

How to:

Use either golden or dark brown flaxseed (never buy pre-ground)
Put a tablespoon of  flaxseeds in a half pint glass of water last thing at night. Fill to the top.

The seeds are full of zinc as well as vitamin E and Omega 3 & phyto-oestrogens, all of which will come out of the seeds into the water.

In the morning: either drink the water, or drink the water & the seeds (don’t have the seeds if you have a bowel condition such as diverticulitis) or add the whole lot to a smoothie.



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