Hello from the other side! (Members post)

Hello from the other side!  (Members post)

Hello from the other side!
(Members post)

Love this community, it helped me a lot when I was at my lowest ebb.
So, now I thought I would pay it forward and tell you that I am almost 5 years post menopause and in the past year i have just got better and better. Still have a few symptoms, but nothing like they were in my darkest days and i must admit, the hot flushes can still be a bit troublesome. But i can deal with that because i feel so much better in myself. Im sleeping better, energy is back and i actually want to get out there and do things. I just feel a whole lot better about things.
Im not sure if it was just a time thing or if it was helped along by me making a conscious effort to live a healthier lifestyle a couple of years back, or maybe a combination of both, I dont know!

But i just wanted to say hang in there ladies, it does get better. I read peoples posts on here and can relate to so many of them.
Do give up hope you will feel good again.



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