Fashion Tips

Fashion Tips

Friday fashion Tip
With Jacynth from The Bias Cut

Hello ladies. Lots of you have asked for suggestions on how to dress if you have a larger bust. So today here are my top tips:

1. opt for v-necks and lower scooped necklines

2. keep things simple – so avoid pieces that have ruffles, frills, breast pockets from the shoulder to the bust

3. Even if you have great arms, consider wearing ¾ length and full length sleeves. This keeps attention your bust in a flattering, chic way, without you looking top heavy

4. Lengthen your body by wearing pieces that fall below your hips, and avoid tucking in tops or blouses

5. Double breasted jackets can be difficult to wear – but that doesn’t mean you have to avoid them all together. Remember jackets can look just as cool, if not more, unbuttoned.

6. Embrace prints! They can be scary at first, but by wearing an attractive print, it will draw attention elsewhere

7. Stiff fabrics can be unflattering, so oft for jerseys and soft knits that will softy mould to your shape

8. Be proud of your shape. Lots of women feel ashamed for having a larger bust, especially as fashion doesn’t celebrate them. Because whether you have a smaller bust, a larger one, or have had a mastectomy – you are still womanly, you are feminine, and you are sexy.

See you next week! Jacynth x



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