Dr Glenville’s Weekly Health Tips for The Menopause Room

Dr Glenville’s Weekly Health Tips for The Menopause Room

Do you suffer from menopausal Migraines? Dr Glenville’s tip this week may surprise you!
A Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD Health Tip
Migraines and menopause

Some women find that migraines are common and more frequent during menopause. An article published in Headache: Journal of Head and Face explores the relationship between menopause and headaches. Researchers interviewed 3,664 women who suffered migraines before and during the menopause. In the run up to menopause it was confirmed that hormone changes in oestrogen and progesterone can trigger headaches. However as women enter the menopause the scientists believe that headaches are more likely to be caused by overuse of medications for other menopause-related symptoms, such as joint pain and back pain.

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