Your Menopause, Your Way

Your Menopause, Your Way
  1. Your Menopause, Your Way…

Every woman will experience her menopause in her way.
We may have similar symptoms and be able to relate to one another, but the physical and psychological effect it has on us can be very different.
I think many of us agree, we had no idea this journey would be so long or so ‘all encompassing’
For many if us, we learn about it too late and just bumble along from one day to the next, trying our best to get through it.

We are not here to judge you, or to tell you what is right or wrong, you have to deal with it in a way that suits you best.

Will will give helpful and informative tips and advise to help you along the way, but I think the support and kindness you all show towards one another one here goes a long way in helping many.

So feel free to rant, laugh, cry and share your thoughts with us. Together we can look out for each other and help one another through this.

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