Nutrition Tips from Dr Marilyn Glenville

Nutrition Tips from Dr Marilyn Glenville

The Menopause Room is delighted to welcome Dr Marilyn Glenville
Dr Glenville is the UK’s leading nutritionist, specialising in the natural approach to female hormone problems and will be joining us each week with helpful advice and tips to help make your menopause journey more manageable…

A Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD Health Tip
These oils are good for your bones

Most people know that the oils we get from oily fish and certain seeds (the Omega 3 essential fatty acids) are vital for good health but they are also important for your bones.

It seems that good levels of Omega 3 fatty acids from oily fish and linseeds (flaxseeds) can have a positive effect on calcium absorption and bone density. They increase the absorption of calcium from your digestive system and reduce its excretion in urine. They can slow the loss of bone that happens around the menopause, and it has been found that a diet containing adequate amounts of calcium but not of essential fatty acids can increase the risk of osteoporosis.

Taken from my book Osteoporosis, How to Prevent, Treat and Reverse It…




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