Think Pink

Think Pink

Today I’m offering tips on how to wear one of this season’s hottest colours: pink.

Personally I love pink, but that doesn’t mean I want to look like Barbie. And I know lots of ladies aren’t keen on it. So here are my top tips on wearing pink whilst still looking cool, modern and sophisticated:

If you’re nervous about wearing pink, introduce it slowly through an accessory or opt for a jacket that has a funky pink lining – so people get a quick and unexpected flash of it as you move.

  1. Add a sophisticated grown up edge by choosing a pink piece that has a masculine or punky element to it – to stop your look from becoming too girly e.g. a biker jacket, military style, brogues or a cool faux-animal texture.
  2. Keep it modern by incorporating pink into a look that has a clean, modern line. Avoid frills, bows or flowers!
  3. If you’re wearing bright pink, limit yourself to one piece per look and let it do all the talking
  4. One of the best colours to go with pink is green – it is it’s complimentary colour. However that doesn’t mean every pink goes with every green. Like all colours, pair hues that have the same tones, whether that’s warm, cold, pale or bright.
  5. If you’re going through hot flushes, particularly be wary of pastel pink.  Reserve it for accessories, and go for a darker, cooler pink shade with your clothes.
  6. A vibrant pink lip looks fresh and fun for spring – and is a modern alternative to the classic red lip
  7. But pink makeup isn’t always good – avoid it as eye shadow or you might look like you have an infection!!

See you next week! Jacynth”



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