Oestrogen Withdrawal

Oestrogen Withdrawal

Did you know that the symptoms of menopause are essentially the symptoms of withdrawal?

Lori White says “Every woman goes through oestrogen withdrawal. And it can be intense.
I’m not even kidding when I tell you that I had no idea that’s what menopause actually is. And I thought I knew things about things!”�
Yep, withdrawal. That crazy intense process that you think about as only happening to people who are rehabbing cold turkey from heavy drug or alcohol abuse. But for women, it’s a different kind of withdrawal.
It’s oestrogen withdrawal.
Menopause (and perimenopause!) is what the female body goes through when the level of oestrogen the female body produces gradually (or sometimes dramatically) drops. The oestrogen factory doesn’t close up completely, but it does produce less. This creates an imbalance in the hormones and, thus, the withdrawal symptoms, including hot flushes, mood swings, memory loss, daily aches and pain, loss of sleep, anxiety……need I go on!!

To put that into perspective, puberty is when the oestrogen factory opens.
Until the hormones balance out, the young female body gets essentially “drunk” on oestrogen! – and now the factory is closing up,
We are experiencing withdrawal symptoms…

What do you think to Lori’s take on menopause?



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