5 Morning Ritual Tips To Follow

5 Morning Ritual Tips To Follow

5 Morning Ritual Tips To Follow For A Perfect Day

The 30 minutes after you get up are the most important of your day. So, make them count!

*Hydrate your body as soon as possible – water with fresh lemon juice is ideal

*Practice gentle yoga – 5 minutes is all you need to feel relaxed, energised and balanced throughout the day.

*Write down what you are grateful for – writing down and thinking about one thing that you are truly grateful for helps you face the day with a positive attitude.

*Organise your to-do list – we know what menopause can do to our brain, so take a few minutes to write down the 3 tasks that you want to accomplish by the end of the day.

*Eat a healthy breakfast – fuel up with protein to help keep hormones balanced and feeling fuller for longer. Eggs are always ideal, as are protein shakes or green smoothies.

Follow these tips in your morning ritual – Your body and your brain will thank you



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